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If there is a hallmark of Mark's life and ministry, it is his desire to help people live free and receive all God has for them. Freedom in Christ is the essence of every teaching he delivers, every prayer he prays, and every word he speaks when ministering to people's needs. Mark yearns to see the Church grow, mature, and become all God intends for it to be.

Mark has ministered to a countless number of people and served in a number of ministerial positions -- such as an ordained minister, a mentor, and as the director of an international ministry, to name a few. Mark has proven himself to be a man with a passion for pursuing God and living for Him.

Having walked a long and difficult road few have chosen to travel, Mark has built an intimate relationship with God which he treasures above all else. His experiences have enabled him to see beyond the haze and confusion of life, and his hope is to share what God has given him with whomever will listen.

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