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Prayer for People

Please join with me in prayer, agreeing for the protection of our country and our people, as well as others across the world. I may have more to say about this at a later date, but for now, let's pray....

Father, we join together in the name of Your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to lift up this nation, its people, and the world to you.

Father, You know exactly what is happening in the world, and You know why. You know about the attacks that have been made on police officers and civilians. You know about the plans of ISIS and other terrorist groups and individuals. You even know the evil intent in the hearts of men. Nothing escapes You Father.

So Father, we ask that You reveal and uproot every evil plan against the police and the people. We ask that anyone planning to bring harm to others be discovered, and their plans be thwarted before they can be carried out. And we ask that this tide of anger, hatred, and vengeance, be turned back, and that peace reign in the land and in the hearts of men.

Father, send Your angels to encompass those who are targeted. Bless them, watch over them, protect them, keep them safe and free from harm. Give them wisdom, Father, and guide their footsteps that they would not fall into any trap set for them by the enemy. Let them hear Your voice, and cause them to listen when You speak -- to go where You say to go, and do what You say to do.

And Father, we ask that You cause our leaders to act appropriately. That they not make this into a political game -- one they use for their own gain. But rather, that they would have a heart for serving the people. That they would make good decisions that would take each of our countries where You would have us go, rather than decisions that benefited them personally or politically.

Lord, bless and comfort those who mourn tonight; the wives, the children, the mothers and fathers, the friends. All who have lost someone in these senseless attacks, comfort them Father, and reassure them. Let them feel Your presence and Your unfailing love.

And Father, most of all, cause the people to know in their heart that Jesus is Lord, and cause them to receive Him as their Lord and Savior. Father, flood us with Your Holy Spirit. Envelope the people with Your Holy Spirit, and let people be changed in Your presence.

In Jesus Name we pray and agree. Amen, and amen!

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May God bless you richly!

Mark Moyers

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