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There are two kinds of ministers (people) who offend. The first are those who minister God's word to a need in a person's life in a timely and appropriate manner in order to set them free from bondage. The second are those who administer God's word telling people whatever they think or feel without regard for anyone, without considering their actions, and do so blindly in the name of truth. Both can deliver seemingly the same message, but there is a difference between the double-edged sword that divides the soul and the spirit, and the wild piercing jabs of a knife. With one, it is the word that offends. With the other it is the person that offends.

First, pray. Second, listen. When God leads, act.

Remembering our soldiers who gave their life so that we could live free. Lord bless them, their families, their descendents -- and bless this nation, and bring us back to you.

Lord, bless those who have had their lives and homes uprooted by the tornadoes that have come upon Oklahoma and surrounding areas. Restore all that has been stolen from them, seven fold. Comfort those who morn, and give peace to those who have lost loved ones. Show yourself strong in this situation, and let Your Glory shine in the hearts, minds and eyes of everyone involved. In Jesus Name we pray and agree. Amen!

What has God given you to do? Focus on Him and the work He has for you at this time.


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